Large Watch Movement


This is a stunning piece!  Movement is from a mens' wristwatch and is 26mm across with lots of rubies, gears and tiny screws.  This style of jewelry is called Steampunk and is a very current trend.

For an artistic touch, I've added a small brass bee and several crystal rhinestones.  All of the brass wheels still DO turn, but I have glued the silver wheels shut so they no longer turn to protect the embellishments on them.  Why a bee?  I love bees, plus, they are a good reminder that  "time flies, so you should have fun, now!"   

Watch movement hangs from an 19" chain.  Both colors re American-made in either stainless steel or solid antiqued brass. These chains are larger than the chains used in the smaller-sized watch movement necklaces.  Chain can easily be shortened by just moving the lobster claw closing further up the chain.

Steampunk jewlery makes a super cool gift!

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