The Artist

JoAnne Hunot in her studio

I have collected “stuff” my whole life. I love the search for unusual and interesting bits of this and that. I’ve been to antique shops and flea markets all over the U.S., France, England, Italy, Spain and India. Last year, I went to Germany and the Czech Republic. 

I’ve been especially intrigued by antique keys, and have worn them as jewelry for a long time. People were always coming up to me to get a closer look at the keys and would always ask “What did it unlock?” I started to make up stories about the keys I wore, and even started to make key necklaces for other people.  And so, eight years ago, Storyteller Keys was launched. Now, you can have fun wearing an antique key necklace and spinning your own tale!  I currently reside in the lovely Southern California town of Ventura.

Dicken's Fair
Renaissance Faire
Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival