English Farthing Coin


This necklace features an actual English farthing coin along with assorted glass beads.  The farthing is the smallest denomination of England's coinage worth only one quarter of a penny.  Because of this, a wren is pictured on the reverse side of George VI because it's the smallest bird on the island.

Antique solid steel SKELETON key measures 2 ¾ - 3.” These keys were used to lock front doors and all interior doors. All are at least 75 years old and most are over 100 years old. The key you order will be similar to, but not the exact key pictured.

Key hangs from an extra-long 32" ANTIQUE SILVER link chain necklace which easily pops over your head. Link chain is more substantial and sophisticated than the basic ball chain. Plus, it gives the key a more vintage look.  This chain is American-made from brass with either an antique silver or an antique brass color plating. 

Just a note... antique key necklaces make great gifts.

Be happy, stay positive, and have fun!

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